Red Wine Classifier


Business Agenda:

The world of choosing a good wine can seem like an overwhelmingly difficult task. Without being a wine connoisseur choosing a wine for a pleasant dinner or to bring over to a dinner get together can seem daunting. The enjoyment of a particular bottle of wine can be subjective. However, utilizing machine learning we can attempt to classify wines into a hierarchy ranking system based on the chemical makeup of the wine itself. In this project I do just that!

Created a Project to Categorize Red Wine as Bad, Good or Exceptional.

  • Utilized an available dataset on
  • Cleaned up the data set with rounding and other edits
  • Performed Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Ran a number of models on the data and optimized best performer
  • Productionalized the model into a Django Framework
  • Category: Classifier Prediction Algorithm
  • Date: July 2020
  • Github: View on Github